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Vanguard Study Locations 

Families who participate in the National Children's Study will come from Study locations across the United States.

All Study locations enroll women who are either pregnant or likely to have a child during the recruitment period. For more information on Study participants, see the Participants section.

The National Children's Study is conducting a pilot study, known as the Vanguard Study, in a total of 40 locations. The Vanguard Study evaluates the feasibility, acceptability, and cost of different recruitment strategies, as well as study procedures and outcome assessments for later use in the Main Study. The Vanguard Study began prior to the Main Study and both studies will run in parallel and will follow children from birth to age 21. More information about the Vanguard Study and these recruitment strategies can be found on the Study Design page.

Regional Operations Centers 

Regional Operations Centers (ROCs) are contractors that carry out the research and conduct the Study at the 40 Vanguard Study locations. There are 4 ROCs and each is responsible for 10 study locations. Each ROC is assigned one region of the U.S.— East, Central, South, and West.

The success of the Study in each location will require the collaboration of researchers, government officials, health care workers, social service agencies, and community groups, such as schools, churches, local governments, and others. For example, ROCs have established community advisory boards with community representatives to provide input to ensure a successful effort tailored to local interests. For detailed lists of the Vanguard Study locations and Regional Operations Centers, see: