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 Role of the National Children’s Study Publications Committee

The Publications Committee’s main role is to facilitate the development of primary National Children’s Study publications (defined as publications developed by a Writing Team assembled by the Publications Committee and based on analysis of centrally collected Vanguard or Main Study data), with the goal of promoting the timely publication of manuscripts and assuring that appropriate Study contributors are included in writing team activities. The Publications Committee will identify and solicit topics and facilitate the preparation of primary Study publications. The Committee will clarify the general scope and content of the topics, as needed, and assist in assembling Writing Teams to prepare those publications. The Committee will monitor the progress of Writing Teams and review the manuscripts to ensure adherence to the expected scope before the manuscript is submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.
Organizationally, the Publications Committee is under the National Children’s Study Program Office. The Committee consists of 2 co-chairs (one from the Program Office and one from a Study Center); approximately 10 to 14 standing members from the Study Centers and ad hoc members as needed; and standing and ad hoc members from the Program Office.
Standing and ad hoc members have significant publication and editorial experience as well as expertise in a variety of scientific areas, such as biostatistics, clinical science (pediatrics, obstetrics, etc.), environmental science, psychosocial science, epidemiology, bioethics, study design and methodology, and field experience in implementing the National Children’s Study.
For further information regarding National Children’s Study Publications, please send an e-mail to