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All publications pertaining to Supplemental Methodological Studies (SMS) (whether core data centrally collected or local data) will comply with the National Children’s Study publication policies and procedures, including containing applicable acknowledgements and disclaimers, similar to those below, as appropriate.

  • “This analysis was conducted as part of the National Children’s Study, supported by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, and funded, through its appropriation, by the Office of the Director of the National Institutes of Health.”
  • Any support that an author or his or her organization received in connection with the work being published must be acknowledged. For example:
    • “Supported in part by NICHD Contracts No(s) ___________.” (Insert contract numbers as appropriate for Study Center[s], Repository, specific laboratories, or other contracts.)
    • “Supported in part by NIH Grant No. __________.” (Insert grant number or other grant identification if the activity reported upon was supported by any grant funding.) All sources of funding related to that particular analysis must be cited in each manuscript. 

The above are simply examples of the types of acknowledgments and disclaimers that may be appropriate for a given publication. The language can be modified, but the intent should be included as indicated above.

If any restricted-use data are intended for publication (such as a manuscript or abstract) or presentation, the document must be provided to the National Children’s Study Confidentiality Officer for disclosure review prior to submission for view by persons not party to an National Children’s Study Data Use License, including the general public. Please contact the National Children’s Study Confidentiality Officer at  

Additionally, the National Children’s Study Program Office will be notified of all peer reviewed accepted publications, presentations, and published abstracts regarding Supplemental Methodological Studies: title of publication, name(s) of authors, name of journal or other venue, date, volume, and number of pages. The National Children’s Study Program Office will be provided a reprint in electronic format at The publication will be reflected in the National Children’s Study Bibliography.