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 Funding and Contracted Services

Applicants must indicate the proposed source of funding. Funding details will be required for final approval to implement the Supplemental Methodological Study (SMS). Provisional approval should be sufficient for submitting funding requests. 

Contracted Services 

Contracted services may be necessary to plan or implement an SMS. SMS applicants need to provide funding for such contracted services. Functions that may be carried out by National Children’s Study contracted services to assist with SMS planning and implementation for which the applicant may need to provide funding, may include, but are not limited to: 
  • Identification/selection and tracking of participants
  • Conducting impact analyses, such as potential additional burden on Study infrastructure and participants
  • Developing “pick-lists” for obtaining laboratory samples
  • Allocating, handling, and shipping laboratory/repository materials. 
Guidance will be provided by the National Children’s Study Program Office regarding logistics and costs for such services as required of the National Children’s Study or its contractors to support the SMS.