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 Data Access and Confidentiality

Supplemental Methodological Study (SMS) Investigators who require access to National Children’s Study data files for the purpose of planning, implementing, and evaluating their methodological study must request and receive approval for a National Children’s Study Data Use Agreement prior to accessing or collecting National Children’s Study data. This Agreement includes a Data Sharing Plan. The terms of the Data Use Agreement are described in detail in the National Children’s Study Data Access and Confidentiality Manual and briefly described on the National Children’s Study Web site. 

For a copy of the Manual or the Data Use Agreement forms, or for questions about data access procedures, please request via e-mail to Federal regulations regarding data access, confidentiality, and use will be enforced. Failure to comply could result in revocation of data privileges, termination of data agreements, fines, legal action, and contractual repercussions as appropriate. If National Children’s Study data are needed to develop the SMS proposal, then a request for data should be submitted separate from and prior to submitting the proposal. However, if National Children’s Study data are not required for the purpose of developing the proposal, then the Data Use Agreement can be submitted after provisional SMS approval. The Data Sharing Plan should be submitted for review and approval after provisional approval of the SMS proposal.