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 Community Involvement

The National Children’s Study is unique because it involves children and families from different areas of the country, diverse cultures and backgrounds, and varied family types and traditions. This diversity will allow researchers to investigate the exposures and outcomes that are important to various communities throughout the overall U.S. population.

The National Children’s Study will be conducted Study locations across the United States. See the Study Locations list for specific information on which locations are involved in the Study.

These various communities will play a big role in the success of the Study. Community Advisory Boards (CABs) will be formed at many of these locations to provide community outreach and advice on how best to successfully engage the local participants. CABs will help introduce the Study to local communities and their health care professionals and institutions. Many communities will also work with local organizations, health care providers, local governments, and other community groups to help spread the word about the Study and to advise Study staff.

The success of the Study depends on participation of families and their active communities.