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NCS Scholar Spotlight: A Q&A with Melissa Menzer

Read the Q&A with Melissa Menzer.

​Melissa Menzer is a program analyst in the Office of Research and Analysis at the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). She is an NCS Scholar.

Read the Q&A with Melissa Menzer.


NCS Uses Ulnar Measurement to Track Growth in Infants and Young Children

Read more about this method.
From squirming infants to clumsy instruments, getting accurate measurements of the height or length of young children can be challenging. Now the NCS, working together with university scientists across the country, has found another method.

Read more about this method.

NCS Welcomes Nagarajan Rangarajan

Read more about Dr. Rangarajan

​The NCS Program Office welcomes Dr. Nagarajan Rangarajan as the lead of the Operations Team. 

Read more about Dr. Rangarajan.