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 National Children's Study Scholars Program

The National Children’s Study is a unique epidemiological study of children’s environmental health. The largest child health study ever undertaken in the United States, the National Children’s Study will longitudinally assess the effects of the chemical, biological, psychosocial-cultural, and physical environments on child health and development, with a special emphasis as well on gene-environment interaction and gene expression. The Study will follow women through pregnancy and birth and their children through 21 years of age.

With its broad scope requiring expertise in multiple domains, the National Children’s Study is at an important time in its development. To expand opportunities for involvement, the Study initiated the National Children’s Study Scholars Program. This Program enables federal employees with subject matter expertise and experience in various fields to contribute in-kind to the development of this important and unique Study. The needs of the Study will vary as the Study progresses. Depending on their specific area of focus, Scholars can work part time or full time, on site or remotely. All Scholars will work closely with the National Children’s Study Program Office staff at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), part of the National Institutes of Health, to further the goals of the Study while supporting the missions of the federal agencies they serve.
Interested individuals should develop and propose opportunities based on their own subject matter expertise and on the needs of the Study. Please note that THIS IS NOT A SALARIED POSITION. The National Children’s Study Program Office is unable to directly financially support National Children’s Study Scholars. Arrangements will be based upon in-kind details, requiring supervisor’s approval and supported by the sponsoring federal agency.

For interested federal subject matter experts, please contact us at with ATT: National Children’s Study Scholars Program as the subject line. (For individuals seeking paid positions, all position vacancies are announced through USAJobs.)