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 National Children's Study Launches Newly Redesigned National Web Site (August 2008)

In preparation for the start of recruitment, the National Children’s Study has launched a new national Web site with enhanced content, new sections, and an updated look and feel. The national Web site uses the same address as the old version and can be accessed at The Study redesigned its Web site to communicate new and updated information to its numerous key stakeholders, the largest of which will be its participants, and to better represent the progress it has made to date.

Some features of the new Web site include:

-  Interactive map of Study locations

-  Enhanced participant information

-  Easier access to news and information about upcoming events and past programs

-  Updated design with easier navigation through different sections and left-hand menus.

For more details on the Web site’s new features, see the Web Site Tour.

In addition to the new national Web site, the Study will soon be launching local Study Center sites to allow people access to specific information about the Study in their communities. Those sites will launch sometime over the next few months, and will also be reached through the Study Locations section of the national Web site.

We welcome your feedback on the content and design of the new Web site. If you have any comments or questions, please contact the National Children’s Study at