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 Study Recruitment Launches in 30 New Locations: Millions Learn About It Online, on Television, and on the Radio (November 2010)

In mid-September 2010, the National Children’s Study announced that 30 new locations nationwide will begin recruitment. This brings the total number of Study locations recruiting pregnant women, or women who could become pregnant, to 37. News of this recruitment launch was heard far and wide, thanks to a flurry of communication activities including:

  • A series of television and radio media interviews about the Study with Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Director Dr. Alan Guttmacher and Deputy Director Yvonne Maddox
  • An announcement picked up by hundreds of media outlets in both urban and rural locations nationwide
  • Radio announcements that began to run on radio stations in the 30 new locations
  • A podcast geared to inform women about the Study, which could affect the health and development of future generations—our grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and beyond.

“Participation is critical,” said Dr. Maddox during the MommyCast podcast. “One of our goals as we look at recruitment is actually doing much in the way of outreach: trying to get moms, dads, and children from diverse communities and diverse backgrounds involved .They may not see the immediate impact on this study now on their child, but the fact that they are engaged in a longitudinal study such as this is going to improve the health and well-being of children and communities for years, for generations to come.”

The audio podcast that ran on November 8 was disseminated to its 1.5 million subscribers, most of whom are women between the ages of 21and 29. This made it a particularly good channel for reaching pregnant women that the Study hopes to recruit in the upcoming years so that it can observe the affects of genetics and the environment on 100,000 children from before birth to age 21.

You can also view an interactive map that shows current and future Study locations, and learn if you are eligible to participate.